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More Patient Testimonials 

I had terrible heartburn and indigestion for many years. I was dealing with these uncomfortable and painful symptoms on an almost daily basis. I was not fond of over the counter medication. I would simply try and avoid the foods that were more acidic, although I enjoyed them very much, and tried some natural solutions, that helped but not significantly. I spoke with Roy and he suggested I try acupuncture. I had never had acupuncture done, but I had heard from some close friends and relatives that it could be very helpful. I met with Roy and after only 2 sessions my heartburn and indigestion was completely gone. It was really amazing. After the treatments, I even tested my digestive system with foods that would immediately cause my symptoms to activate, and there was no sign of them. Roy has really helped me a lot and I am very grateful to him.

                                                                                                                                                       - Omeed H. 

Roy Kimia is one of the best acupuncturists in Los Angeles. First off, I have never gone to another practitioner of TCM who started the session with a prayer and truly is dedicated to being a channel for the divine and divine healing. I went to see Roy with sleep issues and through acupuncture and herbs, I was able to restore my internal organ imbalances and get excellent restful sleep. I also came at a later date with some stomach issues and with a plan of some consistent sessions, herbs and diet suggestions, I regained balance in my stomach and my digestion improved dramatically. My energy levels increased and I've continued to feel healthy and energized since. He is thorough, knowledgable, kind, compassion, funny and a truly gifted healer.


                                                                                                                                                        - Benson Z.

Roy Kimia treated me in weekly acupuncture appointments for 3 ½ months, to heal two resistant conditions. The first was a foot with a healed fracture, that needed to regain flexibility and mobility for normal motion.  When I first saw Roy, six weeks following removal of a  therapeutic boot, my ankle was extremely swollen and wooden, and my foot was stiff, inflexible and sore, making natural movement very difficult.  Gradually, with Roy’s treatments,  the ankle swelling and stiffness decreased incrementally and noticeably.  Likewise, the foot itself is now virtually pain-free and flexible, through the same incremental progress.   The original sports doctor who treated the fracture was extremely impressed at the improved condition of both ankle and foot  after just two months of Roy’s treatments, since it can take a year or more, even with physical therapy, for a foot and ankle injury to resolve completely without acupuncture. Roy’s treatments were instrumental in my regaining a literal, uncompromised foothold on life.
The second condition was a terrible cold/flu contracted just before the holidays,  and lasting for 6-8 weeks into the New Year and beyond.  Roy treated me from the inception of the cold/flu, and saved me from a far more miserable experience by treatments and herbs prescribed.   For the lingering head congestion and headaches after the cold, he used patience and ingenuity in his treatments. To breathe freely is a miraculous feeling, particularly when breathing has been impaired for months. Once more, Roy’s acupuncture has been key in re-establishing a physical stability that had been seriously compromised.

Not only is Roy a careful,  thoughtful and effective practitioner, he is genuinely upbeat and kind. He listens attentively, and responds with consideration. Altogether, an acupuncturist of intelligence, awareness, and skill.


                                                                                                                                                        - Patricia H.

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